Going to a trade show is not just about leaving the office; there are many benefits for exhibitors. Before you sign up to exhibit at the next trade show, let’s brush up on 10 reasons why you should exhibit at a trade show.

New Prospects

During a trade show, USA dealers have access to a wide group of new prospects. Attendees of trade shows are looking to learn more about businesses and their industry. This helps you reach customers and China suppliers that you would not be reached using tradition types of prospecting


One of the biggest reason attend a trade show, is to generate new and viable leads. These leads already have an idea about your business and are expecting to hear from your business in the future.

Meet Your Existing Customers

While gaining new customers is important, you should also plan to meet with existing customers. Inviting them to the trade show, and showing them what your business is working on can help them stay a customer for a long time.

Market Research

A trade show is a great place to do market research, as you have hundreds or thousands of people visiting your booth. This allows you to try new offers out, and figure out what needs to be changed to make your business a great successful.

Scoping Out Your Competition

When you are at a trade show, you are free to walk the floor and check out what other exhibitors are doing. This can help you figure out what their marketing strategy is and what they are working on. Gathering this information can help you prepare for the next trade show.

New Products

Launching new products during a trade show can make your business the talk of the show. The reality is that over 50 percent of visitors to trade shows want to see and demo new products.

Establishing Your Brand

A trade show is the best place to announce your business to the industry. Having a good exhibit is important, so take the time to plan your marketing strategy carefully.

New Suppliers

There are many USA and China Suppliers that attend trade shows. This means that it is a great time to meet with new USA and China suppliers. You can simply use a sign stating ‘Suppliers or Dealers Wanted’ on your exhibit.


A trade show is a gathering of many industry experts, so take some time to network. You will never know what relationships that you will need in the future. After the trade show, make sure to reach out over social media to stay in touch.

New Employees

Most times, the attendees of trade shows are in the industry or are looking to join that industry. If you need new employees with specific skills, think about having a sign-up table at your booth. This could attract a lot of new hires from competitors.

Exhibiting at a trade show is an important part of any successful business. There are many ways a trade show can benefit a business. Having a clear plan to why you are exhibiting will help your trade show experience be a benefit for your business.